Sunday, May 4, 2014

League Post: Would You Rather...

I'm going to take a little bit of advantage of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers topic this week. I'm going to use it to make an announcement that will probably have some of you out there rolling your eyes or shaking your heads... but here goes. This week's League topic is:

This week’s assignment from the League: Would you rather…?
Would you rather? And my question is this:

Would you rather see the Really Rather Random Guy blog continue, or would you rather see the Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks blog pick back up where it left off? I think I already know what I'm going to do either way... but I'm going to put the word out there and see what people think... or just see if anyone cares or thinks anything at all. 

Let me know in the comments below!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

League Post: My Life in 1X1

This week’s assignment from the League: My life in one square foot
Wow, I've been out of the blogging loop for a little while now... since the last post on here is from a League post... the week before last. 

I can't even begin to tell you all that's been happening here in Really Rather Random Land... but suffice it to say I've barely had time to catch my breath. But enough about all that for now. I'm here to write about this week's League of Extraordinary Bloggers topic! And as you can see above the topic is an interesting one. We have a photo challenge this week!

So here you have it. Now... full disclosure... this is not EXACTLY a square foot. The surface I grabbed to set everything up on was slightly shorter than a foot up and down and slightly longer side-to-side... so it's not a true square foot... but I was in a hurry so you'll have to forgive me for being close-but-not-quite. 

Some of the highlights:

1. Anything Halloween or Horror related. You'll find Jack Skellington, Sam from Trick R' Treat, Garfield from his Halloween TV special, and various other little Devils, skeleton pirates, zombies, and Horror Icons in the mix. I am such a big kid when it comes to Halloween and Horror, both for similar but sometimes different reasons. Halloween is all about darkness and light melting together like orange candle wax, blurring identities and swirling danger and fun together like autumn leaves on the wind. Horror is all about tension and relief, shock and electricity, and reminding yourself that you're alive. The best horror and the best Halloweens are a perfect balance of wry humor and fear and the sense that when it's all over you'll still be (mostly...) safe and sound. 

2. Anything Comic book or Super-Hero related. Imaginext Harley Quinn is a new (and beautiful) acquisition in my collection, and you'll also find a custom-painted Red Lantern Dex-Starr done by Reis O'Brien (of the now defunct Lair of the Dork Horde blog) a Super-Hero Squad Iron Man figurine, and of course one of my all-time favorite and personally iconic issues of Uncanny X-Men, #234. Comic books saved me as a child. I rode out some of the hardest, loneliest, horrific and painful times of my childhood with my nose (and the rest of my face... and let's face it my brain) buried in a comic book. They allowed me to celebrate my otherness, my misfit nature in a way that no other medium did at the time. Comics play out in your mind like reading a book does, but it also bolsters the imagination with visuals that support and enhance the experience. 

3. Saturday Morning Cartoons! Well... cartoons in general. You'll see some classic in there, like Velma from Scooby-Doo, Egon from Real Ghostbusters, Darkwing Duck, Finn from Adventure Time, Lil' Leo from TMNT, Scrat from Ice Age, and Emmet from the recent LEGO movie. Bert from Sesame Street is in there, and I lovingly include Garfield in some of my warmest childhood cartoon memories too. Animation is sooo important to me, as is anything created with a child's imagination in mind. 

4. Toys! So many toys are represented here, (too many to talk about ever single one) including my burgeoning love of LEGOs, my fondness for old action figures and mini-figures from my youth, and pretty much any cool, plastic representation of any character I have loved. Cheap toys, expensive toys, bootleg toys, licensed toys, vintage toys, brand new toys, it does not matter... I just LOVE toys. You may notice I have included every single one of the old gang that I used to play with almost exclusively, including Petey Graffiti, Chicky Baby, a green LEGO man, a yellow Ghostbusters Ghost, a gray and purple robot, and a blue MUSCLE man... their story can be read here. They were six of my absolute favorite toys of all time. Fisher-Price Little People, Construx, Adventure People, Battle Beasts, Dino Riders, Funko Minis, Imaginext figures, Mini-Mates, cereal premiums, fast food premiums... they're all represented. 

5. Books, science fiction, childhood, nostalgia, Goodwill... you name it. I have a couple of examples of Star Wars toys in there, one fairly old, one relatively new. California Raisins which were an obsession that branched out to many other food-related mascots... I even have ol' Ronald McDonald in the mix as well as a mini PEZ dispenser, childhood obesity be damned. Petey Graffiti is in there to represent a dual love of the toy itself but also Garbage Pail Kids in general, which I collected like an ADDICT as a child. I have a flyer from a Goodwill store (you guys do know I like shopping at Goodwill, right?) and while not my favorite book from the Borderlands/Bordertown series, definitely my favorite cover from that series... which is quite possibly my favorite book series of all time. 

This foot by foot picture is a snapshot of the geek me. There are lots of other square feet I could fill with my family, or my job, or the secret wishes that I make in the night of what I wish my life could be. But one square foot can't hold all of that, so I just went with the geeky stuff. 

Let's see what the other members of the League have squared away:

I guess it's hip to be square! Anyway... I'll be back soon! Keep your peepers peeled for more randomness right here!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

League Post: My Latest Obsession!

The League is back!!! And this is the first official time I will be writing a League of Extraordinary Bloggers post on the new Really Rather Random Guy blog!!! What's the topic this week? Well... look right up above...

But here's the thing... I've really been struggling with this topic! Usually I'm OBSESSED with a whole FLEET of obsessions! Obsessions that send me to eBay on searches for LEGO pieces to complete custom mini-figures:

or Happy Meal toys featuring the Ice Age characters... 

or even just the obsession of hitting Goodwill as often as possible in an attempt to make the next big "Find". 

Yep... just gonna keep trottin' this one out 'til I die.

But now, I find my passions cooling. My obsessions... waning.

What am I obsessed with? Not much at the moment. I was obsessed with Scooby-Doo for awhile, directly after discovering the new Mystery Incorporated series. 

But now that I've bought the second season on DVD and we're making our way through it... I feel a little less obsessed about it. I still LOVE it... don't get me wrong, but having the DVDs here and knowing we're going to watch our way through them makes me a little less anxious and fixated on all things Scooby-Doo right now. 

It's not close enough to Halloween yet for me to be obsessed with ALL THINGS SPOOKY (though I'm always in a little bit of a Halloween-y mood...) 

and I'm not currently trying to track down that VITAL piece to any of my many vintage action figure collections or mini-figure collections... or Horror movies... or Hotwheels... or PEZ... or comic books... or Little Golden Books... or FUNKO toys... or whatever... 

Pictured above: The room of a man with ZERO obsessions.

I ALMOST felt myself getting obsessed with tracking down more of the Sesame Street Fisher Price Little People figures... but then the eBay prices very quickly de-obsessed me with that. Right now I'm just not very obsessed with much at all. 

So what is a poor man-boy to do when obsession in all its forms has abandoned him???

Obsess over it. I guess I'll obsess over the fact that I have no obsessions at the moment. Or maybe... I'll come to the realization that I have SO many obsessions that they're all just duking it out right now in my subconscious to see who will be the next leader!!! I think Funko's ReAction figures are going to be a looming threat in the near future:

 as are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half-Shell Heroes figurines but those are in the FUTURE...

Of course I loved the LEGO Movie, so getting more of those sets wouldn't be bad... 

I guess what I'm also realizing is that it's not really that hard to drum up a new obsession in no time... and I'll probably blog about it here when that happens... so just keep your peepers peeled here for more random obsessions to come!

Let's see what the rest of the League had to say about their Obsessions this week:

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Random Rant: My Love/Hate Relationship with Ice Age

I love the movie Ice Age. I have since it came out. I think I watched it about 200 times with my daughter when she was young, and I have since watched it a few MORE times with my sons as they are getting bigger. It's a Blue Sky Studios picture, not Dreamworks as many folks seem to get it confused. Blue Sky studios has also done movies like Rio, Epic, and Robots... so they've had a pretty mixed bag. But Ice Age is definitely the cream of the crop.

The first Ice Age movie was simply structured, had a small cast of characters, and was focused on a clear objective. The story was set somewhere around or in the Ice Age, so the color palettes are fairly muted but not drab, and the character designs are sort of angular-yet-organic and lumpy-yet-endearing. And because of all of this, the story had lots of room for themes and subtext, and space for the comedians playing the lead roles to riff and have fun with each other. Portions of the movie feel improvised, and there's a nice natural rhythm to most scenes that doesn't feel too rushed or too desperate to move on to the next big thing.

The story also manages some semi-sort-of-realism... which, yes, is hard for me to justify when we're talking about anthropomorphic prehistoric animals... but there's an internal logic at work, and some rules are followed about what animals are, and are not, allowed to be included. The consultants they used for the "science" of the film all pretty much agreed on one major point: Just don't use any dinosaurs. Any prehistoric mammals were fine because they were still fairly fuzzy on the timelines for when some of those lived... but dinosaurs are a big no-no.

This guy doesn't count because he's frozen solid.
There is a real story with actual character development for all of the three lead characters. We have Manny the mammoth, who has gruff, humorless and despondent after losing his herd tragically, who by film's end is able to let others in emotionally, and form bonds with others in a way he thought he was no incapable of. Sid the sloth, who is a bumbling, needy, useless, clingy imbecile at the beginning of the film finally finds motivation and purpose, and in doing so develops a little bit of backbone and self-respect, and to a lesser degree the respect of his peers. And finally we have Diego the sabretooth tiger, who has never known respect or friendship or honor in any form who then bonds with animals he would have looked down on as "lesser" before his experiences in the film. 

What we have is "Three Men and a Baby" starring Tallahassee from "Zombieland", Derek Vineyard from "American History X", and... Pestario Vargas from "The Pest" (I guess...?) all on a "Road-Trip" where they become dude-bros forever. It's actually way better than that... but this is what we're going with. Through the film we have fun. Not ridiculous, over-the-top, non-stop gimmicks, but legit fun. From the campfire scenes where the characters nettle each other, to the travel montage set to the rousing, made-a-classic-by-this-movie song "On My Way" by Rusted Root, to the scenes of both tragedy and intense action peppered throughout... we have a really well balanced and fun-loving film. 

And then we have this guy. Scrat. Quite possibly one of the most brilliant pieces of modern animation this side of Tex Avery or Chuck Jones. He is a perfect homage to the classic Merry Melodies and Looney Tunes shorts where you have one hapless protagonist with one very clear and desperate goal... and an entire world fraught with danger and misfortune working against him. The Scrat sequences woven in throughout the film are nothing short of pure genius. 

But now...? Now we have SEQUELS. And the sequels are NOTHING compared to the original. 

In the second movie we are introduced to Manny's new love interest, Ellie, and her uninteresting otter-or-possum-or-whatever-they-are twin adoptive brothers. Hungry, freshly-thawed aquatic dinosaurs show up in this one, and the whole movie looks like a technicolor acid trip. This movie doesn't feel like it could possibly have taken place in the same world as the first film. Plus the additional characters just make the movie feel hyper and cluttered. I don't even really remember the goal or objective for the group in this one. Build a boat to escape a flood maybe? 

When I found out Simon Pegg would be in the third film my hopes went up... but unfortunately this movie was just one giant wow-scene after another. The dinosaurs, the environments in the ridiculous subterranean tropical world... it all suffered from ADHD and there were no real moments to breathe and let the characters be characters. Oh, and we meet Manny's kid in this one. Peaches. Plus cute T-Rex babies. Ugh.

Still haven't actually watched this one. Glacier pirates... even MORE characters... I mean come on already. And don't even get me STARTED on the Ice Age Christmas special!!! 

Since the first movie became a franchise, the creators have done everything in their power to excise what made it such a great film. The ONLY element in the first three movies that feels consistently great are the Scrat sequences. They introduce a female antagonist/potential love-interest in the third film, "Scratte", that was simply BRILLIANT... but let's be honest, the Scrat shorts and sequences are a bit of a gimme. 


The first Ice Age film felt like an introspective indie-flick, free of expectations and formula (for the most part... I mean it's a kid's film so... formula is sort of the standard shorthand... but still) it had real tragic moments that felt free of melodrama and actually asked the viewers to confront some hard truths. It had genuinely menacing villains that made the movie feel like there was something at stake. It didn't pander to the business-executive's idea of a vat-grown child. The fun scenes were fun and the emotional scenes were emotional and the tense action scenes were... well... tense and full of action. The first movie is accurately described as a "darker" film... and it's funny how they've spent the rest of the franchise back-pedalling from that darkness as much as they can. But darkness mixed with sweetness mixed with substance can give you chocolate fudge, where sweetness and brightness and hyperactivity just tends to make rainbow-crunch funfetti with nothing to sprinkle it on. 

Some of you will choose the funfetti. I don't care.
There is only one RIGHT answer.
I choose FUDGE!!! The movie holds a lot of good memories for me as a dad, but it genuinely holds up as a quality film as well. This isn't me looking back with rose-colored glasses, this is a true animated classic in my estimation. That's really all I have to say about it.... except to shake my head sadly at what has become of the sequels. But of course, this wouldn't be one of my blog posts if I didn't tie toys or other merchandising in somehow, right? So here are some Ice age toys I've managed to accumulate: 

First up, a couple of random miscellaneous pieces. The Dodos were a hilarious part of the first film, and this Burger King premium was actually a part of a set that could hook together with other sets and trigger off a series of events. The Scrat roller is a Kellog's Cereal premium promoting Ice Age 2. 

These three came from an Ice Age 2 DVD board game set. The scale is slightly off between the three characters, but I don't really mind. As I've mentioned in the past, I love mini-figures, (as long as they're well done) and these are right up my alley. 

I think style-wise these are my absolute favorites in my collection right now, to the point where I have a Sid the Sloth on his way here as I write these words. I like stacking these guys up totem-pole style and once Sid gets here I'll probably poster-putty them all together. I love the urban-vinyl vibe to these, as they are obviously NOT urban vinyl toys, but are very similar to in style to lines like Dunnies or Munnies. 

Finally, I have these four toys that my daughter and I used to play Ice Age when she was a little girl. The mammoth and tiger are obviously not licensed items, but to me they will always be Manny and Diego. The other two figures are actually pieces to other toys and were not designed to stand on their own feet. Scrat there was actually inside of a squishy water ball toy that popped... and I just cannot remember what Sid used to be inside of. A snowball or something maybe? I think he was supposed to roll at one point. ANYWAY, these toys are some of the most special to me because I remember many a tub-time with my daughter playing Ice Age in the bubbles. 

So that's it kids, that's all I got. Keep your peepers peeled here for more rants, ramblings, and random ravings! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Randomly Received: Laura Huey Just saved me 15% on My Car Insurance*

*This is a false claim for comedic purposes only. Laura Huey saved me 2 dollars, some tax, and gas money for a trip to town.

So when I arrived home tonight I was greeted by a small yellow package that I assumed was something I had ordered off of eBay and forgotten about, or my mail-order-bride (which I was going to use once but keep the tags on so I could return it the next day...) or something of that nature. Instead I opened it and found this AMAZINGNESS:

Which, if you are in need of a run-down includes two Muppet key-covers, a cowgirl Fry-Kid, and a Blackstar Alien Demon. That last one I just mentioned a few posts back as being something I had planned on returning to the Dream Catcher Antique Mall to buy, because it goes with the Neptul Action figure I found there. Laura, upon seeing that post, sent this little guy off to me post haste and now he is MINE!!! The cowgirl Fry-Kid looks amazing with my McDonaldLand/Happy Meal collection, and I will actually be using the Kermit key-protector (but just displaying the other one). There was this lovely note included as well:

Since the moment I started corresponding with Laura online, she has proven herself to be one of the most generous and upstanding folks I have ever met. This is just such a Laura thing to do and I am incredibly thankful. I have had a rough week folks... and this was the perfect way to come home on a Friday afternoon: to fun mail from a friend (And then a Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. Marathon). Be sure to check out Laura's blog over at for a glimpse at some of the fun stuff she's tracked down at antique shops, rummage sales, and the like. Her blog is also filled with fun and funny family tales that will warm you up on a cold March night. 

And speaking of families... look at this beautiful reunion. I'm... I'm misting up a little. Thank you again Laura. You made me smile today and you have no idea how much I needed it. 

Well that's it for tonight kiddos! Keep our peepers peeled here for more random receivals in the future!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Random Ramblings: The Saga of the Replacement Turtles

So time for me to ramble a bit. Something I promised I was going to let myself do with this "new" blog that took the place of the of Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks site. And one of the things I genuinely enjoy thinking and writing about is how I played with toys as a kid. I mean the ways I used my action figures imaginatively to create whole worlds and epics that took place in those worlds. I had a lot of drama and action in those sessions. I was pretty complex...

...or something.
This wasn't even Halloween.

When I was a kid, I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I loved the cartoon, I loved the toy-line, and I loved the idea of a group of ass-kicking mutant ninjas. But I have a major confession to make:
I found the original four turtles a little boring after a while. My style of play incorporated a LOT of different characters from a LOT of different toy-lines. The main gist of most of my imaginative play was based on the comic books I was reading at the time, the majority of which were from the X-Men family of titles. While all of my other random action figures were developing optic blasts or berserker rages,  Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Donnie had a hard time fitting in with teams of super-powered misfits. They were so insular... so designed to be together... that I had a hard time working them into my interior storyline. They didn't get a lot of play honestly.

And that made them sad.
Until I read parts of this storyline:

Which blew me away. I never actually owned these comics as a lad, but I had flipped through enough of the stories while browsing the bookstore that I knew the basic gist: The main protagonists of the story are incapacitated and a REPLACEMENT TEAM is called in to clean up the mess left behind and save the day. The replacement team is made up of a seemingly disparate group of loners who come together to fight in honor of the fallen heroes. And from this seed an idea grew in my head....

Yeeeeeeah... we're the replacements! Rock n' rollin' 'til the break of dawn!
The Replacement Turtles! You will of course notice that with the exception of Mondo Gecko and Metal Head being sorta-kinda-close... NONE of these characters are actual turtles. But IT DIDN'T MATTER. All of a sudden when I would be playing with my action figures, the four main Turtles became VERY clumsy. They repeatedly became extremely susceptible to being taken prisoner by Shredder and his goons. And whenever that would happen, an alert would go out to four of the Turtle's closest allies: Usagi Yojimbo, Mondo Gecko, Metal Head, and Casey Jones! This alert went out... like... once or twice a day I would estimate. The four core turtles became more damsels in distress than heroes very quickly. This was right around the time that April O'Neil developed light-control powers ala Dazzler (Dazzler was a part of the Australian X-Men squad at the time so...) and started kicking ass on her own terms. 

This was happening in my head.
Where was I? Oh yeah... let's take a look at those replacement turtles!

First of the replacement turtles was the robot that was designed to emulate a Ninja Turtle as closely as possible. Metal Head! Metal Head was the replacement Donatello. He was the science-guy of the group, but with all the benefits of a super-strong android with lots of gadgets and deus ex machinas up the butt (sometimes literally). My Metal Head wasn't the robot-run-amok spazz they showed on the TV shows at the time, but he did have a bit of a Max Headroom (or, let's be honest, Konky of Pee-Wee's playhouse) stutter that he had no control over when communicating with his team-mates. 

Next up we have everyone's favorite psycho-sociopath... Casey Jones! He was my surrogate Raphael. Again, my Casey Jones was much less informed by the cartoon show, which had him portrayed more as a Dirty-Harry-Travis-Bickle-Punisher mashup played for comedic effect. I had him behaving more like the movie version of Casey Jones played by Elias Koteas (which was in turn, a bit more informed by the original comic-book version of Casey Jones) AAAAND Wolverine. Casey Jones was prone to random berserker rages in battle. I think he also developed a healing factor. I may have even tried to convince myself that he could sprout adamantium claws from the backs of his forearms. Yeah... he was pretty much just Wolverine. And let me tell you, it was HARD to have him develop a romantic relationship with April O'Neil when his hockey mask was not removable. But they managed... sort of?

The foundation of all my future relationships was this comic panel.

But I digress. 

Mondo Gecko filled the Michelangelo-shaped hole left by the missing turtles. He was the party animal of the group and quite often his skate-board functioned as a hoverboard allowing him to fly into action. He also shared a power-set with Nightcrawler and the Toad. He was able to cling to surfaces using hands and feet, and his prehensile tail was a deadly whip in battle. He was agile and bouncy, a whirling dervish in combat, and he snapped off surfer-dude one-liners much like a Point Break Spider-Man. I just want to take a moment to appreciate the sculpt on this guy as well. Mondo Gecko was-and-still-is one of my absolute favorite TMNT action figures.

And finally, we have the Leo of the group... Usagi Yojimbo. I know that this guy was really only a sort of fluke guest-star on an episode of the show (having his own successful comic series completely unrelated to TMNT), and this begat a couple of action figures as well... but in my mind Usagi Yojimbo was Leonardo's best friend the way Raphael and Casey bonded in so many of their iterations over the various incarnations of the show. Ironically, my Usagi Yojimbo never developed many super-powers. I believe he was able to channel energy through his sword ala Silver Samurai... but that was about it. Basically his power was to kick EVERYBODY'S ASS ALL THE TIME. He was the leader of the replacement turtles because he was pretty much just the bunny version of Leonardo.

And here's everyone all together. I chose to photograph the vintage turtle allies with the modern-day turtle figures for a couple of reasons. 1.) In my personal opinion, the newer versions of the turtles are superior to the old in almost every way. I can't imagine as a lad EVER growing bored with these four turtles. This is how I wanted my turtles to look as a kid. 2.) My vintage turtles are WOEFULLY incomplete. Raph and Donnie are missing their belts and Raph has extensive paint-loss damage to his belly. Almost all of the quartet's weapons are lost to time. 3.) I really wanted to see how the sculpts on the vintage ancillary characters stood up to the modern turtles. And they look AWESOME. I think the only real weak link here is Casey Jones in his weird sweat pants and lime green tennis shoes... and hairy mid-riff. (Side-note... I am STILL on the hunt for a modern-series Casey Jones. If anyone spots one, e-mail me or message me on Twitter or something. WANT.)

That's all the crazy I have in me for tonight kids! Be sure to keep your peepers peeled here for further ramblings, rants, and other random ravings in the near future!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Randomly Received: A Timely Valentine's Day Post

There's nothing like posting about Valentine's Day two full weeks after the fact. And the sad thing about this particular post is that I received its contents BEFORE Valentine's and I honestly had plenty of time to get it up on the blog days before V-Day even GOT here. But erm... I seem to making a habit on this new blog of posting about holidays waaay after the fact. (I assure you that my Halloween Countdown will NOT be taking place in November)

So anyway, I received this in the mail from Tommy Day of Tophat Sasquatch fame: 

He had posted on his site that he'd tracked down a bunch of old vintage Valentine's packs, and he wanted to give them away! I signed up immediately. He even gave the option of selecting the properties I wanted included. There were a LOT of great properties to choose from so I tossed a few ideas his way and promptly forgot about it. Then the envelope above appeared in the mail just a few days later! (Take a moment to appreciate Tommy's pixelated self-portrait on his address labels). 

First up is this AWESOME Top Hat Sasquatch (.com) sticker! Someday when I find a beat-up old Trapper Keeper at Goodwill, I'm totally going to cover it with all the cool sticker's I've collected from sites like Tommy's! 

Next, a Valentine from the Rescue Ranger, Gadget! I was SUCH a huge Rescue Ranger fan when it was a part of the Disney Afternoon. It took second place only to Dark wing Duck when that came along. And Gadget? Well I'm not going to ADMIT to having a weird little crush on an anthropomorphic mouse now am I? Let's just say I was a fan. 

I specifically requested a "Muppets TONIGHT" Valentine because I genuinely feel like it was under-appreciated in its time, and there are a lot of great characters that we've forgotten about from it. When I asked for a Muppets TONIGHT Valentine I was secretly wishing that Tommy would send me one with Clifford (The host) on it... and HE DID!!! In fact, it has both Clifford AND Kermit together!!! Awww KMUP TV... I miss you. 

For some folks, Charlie Brown, Snoppy, and the Peanuts in general define their Holidays. For me, it's Garfield that defines my holiday childhood experiences. The Halloween and Christmas (and to a much lesser degree, Thanksgiving) specials are force-fed to my children absolutely EVERY year. So getting a Valentine with this stripey orange guy on it is especially awesome. It's a great, iconic shot of him too, so I LOVE this one! 

Here's one with just Kermit, which as regular readers of mine probably know, is one of my absolute favorite Muppets and characters in general, of all time. 

And finally, here's a Californian Raisin Valentine, which just BLEW MY MIND. Again, regular readers of my old Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks blog probably already know, the C.Raisins are one of my absolute favorite childhood properties. There is NOTHING I don't love about this valentine. 

So a BIG thanks to Tommy Day, who always has something cool going on over at his Top Hat Sasquatch site. And Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

That's it for tonight kids, but keep your peepers peeled here for more randomness to come!


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